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In a digital world we are bringing back analog. The original analog! theFINDlab is proud to announce we are now offering 4×5 services. We offer processing in E-6 (chrome), black and white, and C-41 and scanning.

All 4×5 is hand developed, giving us greater control over the final results. 4×5 orders are available for developing only or with our Premium Scanning service which includes theFINDlab’s signature feedback for each roll and custom color corrections as well.

theFINDlab does all our 4×5 scanning on an Imacon drum scanner. This option offers you the largest resolution and quality in comparison to a flatbed scanner or even the Frontier/Noritsu scanners. This scanning option is available for more than 4×5. If you have a project where you need the highest possible resolution and quality, the Imacon is for you. It offers 16 bit color at 300 DPI.  To make our pricing simple we offer scans in the most popular format sizes.


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