We were excited to be the official sponsors for the first ever Photo Native Conference, held in Lindon, UT. Our own lab manger, Belinda Olsen, presented on shooting film and digital and how to perfect the union of the two. We were also happy to be apart of two shoots. One by Kyle and Michelle White and another by Brooke Schultz.





Kyle and Michelle covered everything for photographers wanting to get into film photography in their Film 101 class. They had a plethora of information about camera formats, metering, and pushing film. Their shoot was Japanese inspired bride getting ready for her wedding day. Everything from the model to the details were an inspiration to wedding photographers.

Image credit: Kyle and Michelle White

Portra400 and Portra800, Pentax 645N





Brooke’s class Love-Soaked Family Photography: Emotion, Fun, and Authenticity was captivating with lovely imagery. She also had a lot of tips and tricks to get families and especially kids to smile for the perfect candid image. Brooke’s shoot was held in a beautiful studio with lots of window light and the cutest family. Each attendee took turns posing and shooting the family.  The light and details created an environment where creativity flowed.

Image credit: Brooke Schultz

Portra400, Mamiya645 AFD


R.Solomon Contax F400H

In case you missed the news, WPPI is coming! For everyone planning on attending this year, we are partnering with Mastin Labs to bring you a great speaker lineup, so come hear tips and tricks from those in the industry! Here is a look at what we have scheduled so you can plan accordingly:


Monday 10-4

10:30 Kirk Mastin – The Why of Mastin Labs and the Future of Photography

11:00 Rachel SolomonDigital and Film….the New Frenemies

12:00 Christina BlanarovichHow to Start Shooting Film

1:00 Jon DuenasFrom Weddings to Fashion – Finding Where You Fit In

2:00 Carina and Michael BetheaCreating Consistency in Your Work Using Mastin Labs while Learning to Shoot More Film

3:00 Jon CanlasShooting Families on Film

Tuesday 10-4

11:00 Jon CanlasFour Film Stocks I Can’t Live Without

12:00 Belinda OlsenBehind the Scenes of a Pro Lab

1:00 Jeremy ChouThe Best Kept Editing Secrets with Mastin Labs

2:00 Christina BlanarovichHow to Shoot for your Aesthetic

3:00 Rachel SolomonMaking Outsourcing Work for You

Wednesday 10-3

10:00 Matt Day & Chris Kale – Which Black & White Film is Best for You

11:00 Jeremy ChouCurating Your Way to a Recognizable Brand

12:00 Jon CanlasHow To Stay Fresh…Shooting For Yourself

1:00 Mastin Labs – Win a Contax Meet and Greet

1:30 Kirk Mastin – The Why of Mastin Labs and the Future of Photography



Image Credit: Rachel Solomon
Fuji400H, Contax 645

You’ve heard the big announcement – we’re heading to WPPI for our second year in a row! We’re super excited to share with you the tips and ticks that we’ve learned to have fun and get the most out of your time at WPPI!


  • Don’t rent a car. Unless you’re planning a road trip to the Grand Canyon while you’re in Vegas, everything else is in walking distance, and because everything is close, taxi’s are affordable.
  • Wear comfy shoes. The hotel consists of long hallways and often times just getting in feels like you’ve walked miles. Classes are held in a three-story convention center and its a little bit of a hike just to get to the expo. Your feet will get tired no matter what, so do them a favor and wear shoes with good support and comfy soles.
  • Bring water and snacks. When you’re in the thick of things, you’ll want to have water on you to stay hydrated. You’ll also want some good snacks to carry around. All the restaurants are back in the main hotel and when you do break for lunch, so will everyone else. Expect long lunch lines and no food for sale anywhere in the convention or expo center.
  • Get lots of sleep and take your Airborne. When gathering thousands of people together, germs will spread. Give your immune system a boost and do anything else you can to keep from getting sick.
  • Bring business cards. WPPI is mecca for networking. You’ll want to pass along your info to keep in touch and remember names. We’d suggest putting them in your lanyard, ready to pass out. Business cards are also another way to enter giveaways and win prizes so make sure you bring enough!
  • Stay connected. Download the WPPI2016 app where you can get the speaker schedule, a list of the exhibitors, and so much more. Follow WPPI’s official IG account and search hastags to see what else is going on.
  • Bring your battery charger with you. Once you’re connected, you’ll want to stay connected. There are only a few WiFi hot spots and the rest of your time, your phone will be searching for service and draining the battery. Nothing’s worse than a dead phone. At theFINDlab booth 1700, we’ll have charging stations; so if you did forget your charger come chat with us and charge your phone while eating some candy!
  • The trade show pass may be all you need. Don’t feel like you have to spend the extra cash to attend Platform or Master classes, just attend the trade show. Most of your favorite photographers speak in a more intimate setting at the booths anyways.  Plus, this is where you want to be to meet vendors and get huge discounts on your favorite gear. To sign up for your free expo pass, complimentary of theFINDlab, sign up here!
  • Plan and be flexible. There are literally over a hundred speakers. Layout a potential schedule for yourself and don’t feel like you have to stick to it. If a speaker isn’t resonating with you, don’t feel bad getting up and leaving. Find the speakers that are going to help you grow and get motivated

Hope this list helps you and don’t forget to come visit us at booth 1700!

Image Credit: Dave Waddell

Portra 400, Mamiya 6


When the weather is cold and brides simply don’t want a 15-degree wedding, most photographers find their bookings start to slow. While we are currently in said slow season, we have a suggestion for you that will get you prepared for when things pick up again: Get your camera serviced.

Nothing is better than hitting the pavement running, knowing all your camera gear is working and up to par. We recommend getting all of your gear serviced at least once a year. We’re talking body, inserts/backs, lenses – the whole kit. These film cameras we are using can be decades old and even if nothing is wrong with it, a good cleaning will be worth it in the end. Cleaning and servicing your camera should be a preventative step, but here are some examples for when you know you have a camera malfunction.

Light leak – Light leaks are caused by light passing through cracks in your camera when your film back is not closing as tightly as it should.

Lenny Kaholo Cinestill 800T

Lenny Kaholo/ Nikonos V + 80mm, Cinestill 800T +2

Shutter issues – Your shutter curtain may being wearing out. Typically, many of the frames on the roll will have this same issue when shutter speeds are faster than a certain speed, but that’s not always the case.


Belinda Olsen/Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Ektar

Tension issues – Are you getting a tilt-shift effect and you’re not using a TS lens? This means there are tension issues, either with the tension plate on your insert or when advancing the roll.

Stephanie Hunger-Drago Fuji400H  Stephanie Hunter/ Fuji400H, Contax 645

Scratches – Sometimes dust or dirt can lodge its way in to cause scratches, but other times it’s a piece of equipment that has misaligned itself and is literally scratching the emulsion off the film to reveal the cyan layer.

Jillian Gorman P400

Jillian Gorman/Portra 400, Contax 645

Fungus or Haze – Fungus and haze grow in hot, humid climates when lenses aren’t stored properly. If all your images are coming out with a hazy look, remove your camera from your lens and turn down the light. Shine a light through and you’ll be able to see soft fuzzy spots if it’s fungus or an oily surface if it’s haze. If the fungus is so bad that it’s eaten away your lens coating, sometimes it’s beyond repair.Justin Brown

Justin Brown/Mark iii + 50mm 1.2

Katie Nesbitt P400 CanonAE1

Katie Nesbitt/Portra 400, Canon AE-1

Most of these issues can be fixed without a hitch and we can help point you in the right direction to do so. Here are a few places we would recommend:

Steve Kews of Kew’s in Provo, UT.

Bill Moretz of Pro Camera in Charlottesville, VA.

Rollei Repairs by Harry Fleenor in Manhattan Beach, CA.

This is also a great time to get a bright screen if you were considering it. Bill Maxwell of Maxwell Precision Optics will give you a brighter view screen to help you see a brighter images in your view finder.

Sending your camera in can be like losing a limb, so plan accordingly. Think through whether you want to send in your work horse and then your back up, or both in at the same time. Also make sure you keep open communication with your repair person to take out the guess work and get your camera back faster.


Today we are celebrating the birthday of one of the greats, Ansel Adams! He was a master of the large format camera, and a lifelong conservationist. Ansel is best known for his nature and landscape work of the American West, and his impeccable craft in the darkroom. Not to mention that Ansel—along with photographer Fred Archer—created The Zone System that we still use today!

ansel adams

 Go shoot some black and white 4×5 to celebrate!