theFINDlab is headed to Vegas for WPPI. The response for the free 20 minute scan sessions has been fantastic and spots are filling up fast, so snag one here while you can. We’ll also have a couple walk-in appointments penciled in for each day. Hope to see your faces there!Also, here’s the schedule and topics for the photographers speaking each day at the booth:

12:00 Jonathan Canlas “How to Stay Fresh…Shooting for Yourself”
2:00 Noelle Reynolds (theFINDlab) “You’re Only as Good as Your Relationship with Your Lab”
3:30 Rachel Solomon “Digital & Film…the New Frenemies”

11:30 Jonathan Canlas “Shooting Families on Film”
1:30 Heather Moore (theFINDlab) “How to Find the Right Light”
12:30 Jeff Brummett “How to Make Stylized Shoots Work for You”

11:00 Jonathan Canlas “Four Film Stocks I Can’t Live Without”
12:30 Cody Hunter “Booking Your Dream Clients Through Your Love of Film”

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Historically, theFINDlab has been strictly a Frontier SP3000 scanning lab. We now offer a new scanner, with a new look, called the Noritsu HS-1800. Below are some side-by-side comparisons:

frontier v noritsu website

The difference between the Noritsu and Frontier is subtle, but important. The Noritsu is best known for its ability to create scans that are light and airy. It produces images with unparalleled highlight retention and muted black point. It is the ideal match for clients who want peach or pink skin tones. The Frontier on the other hand, has a very rich black point. Scans from a Frontier have punchier color and are the perfect choice for clients who prefer golden skins tones. Because of the vivid colors, the Frontier is a lab favorite!

Images that each scanner produces have their strengths. It all comes down to personal preference and lab communication to find the fit that is right for you.


Here are a handful of examples of E-6 (positive film or chromes) cross-processed in C-41.  These images were shot on Kodak E100VS rated at 50ISO.  As you can see, most of them are shot with axis lighting, meaning the sun is directly to the photographers back shining straight on the subject.  If you shoot in other lighting situations expect there to be some color shifts especially in the shadows.  Cross processed images will only achieve this look when shot in very sunny situations that are directly lit.  If you shoot in the shadows it would go very green.

As a rule of thumb, the exposure for directly lit subjects at 50ISO is F5.6 @ 1/500th.  Again, this is a starting point so if you wanted to shoot other F-stops or shutter speeds that is where you can start as a guide.  Also as a side note, Kodak E-6 will produce this warmer look (red/yellow) where Fuji E-6 is very blue and green.  Most E-6 films have been discontinued but are readily available on Ebay as either fresh, recently expired or super expired (5 years or more).  Depending on the age and stock of the film, the color rendition can be very different.  But it is cross-processed so there might be some leeway in achieving your “perfect” color.



Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.45.18 PMWPPI is right around the corner and for the first time, theFINDlab will be there! We’re so excited to participate and we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves.

TheFINDlab is passionate about sharing film knowledge. We’re constantly thinking of ways to help our clients garner a deeper and broader understanding of the process of film shooting. What better way to hone in your skills than to actually see the process from beginning to end? Why not bring the lab to you? Well, part of the lab anyway.

Some extra special friends will be joining us at WPPI, two of our scanners: a Frontier and a Noritsu. Visitors to our booth will be able to work our team, one on one, to experience the scanning process of C-41 film. You’ll be able to compare and contrast Frontier and Noritsu colors, see the benefit of Basic, Basic+ and Premium Scans and create or refine your custom color profile. So friends, start shooting and schedule your appointment today! Here are some things to know to make the most of your experience with theFINDlab at WPPI:

• to sign up for your 20 minute appointment with free regular size scans, click here

• if you’d like to see what both a Frontier and Noritsu can do, you’ll need to sign up with a friend at the same time on opposite scanners and just let us know in the appointment notes (**lab recommended**)

• for your appointment, you can bring your C-41 negatives with you (1 roll of 120 or 35mm), send in one roll to the lab (to be received by Wednesday, the 25th) for developing only ($5) and we’ll have it ready to go OR if we are bringing negatives for pick up, one of those rolls will be available to scan as well

• if you don’t have negatives to bring with you, we’ll have sample rolls for you to try

• to avoid shipping costs, there will be a film drop off at our booth, 1702, which will be available until Wednesday at noon and we’ll invoice you once we get back to the lab

• theFINDlab is one of the sponsors for this year’s Silver Rush party and you can use the discount code “SILVERRUSHFINDLAB” for 10% off your ticket to one of the biggest parties of WPPI