We are firm believers that no one wants their jpgs to grow up to be jpgs and to suffer a sad, sad death on some hard drive, disc or zip drive.

We have added the option to order proof prints with any orders sent our way, including hybrid orders! And these aren’t just any proof prints, friends. Instead of a lesser, consumer quality paper that looks and feels less professional, theFINDlab is printing your proofs on a thicker Fuji archival paper with your choice of matte, luster or glossy. Proof print sizes are available in 4×5, 4×6, 5×5 and 6×4.5. You can choose borderless, 1/4″ white border, 1/2″ white border, or 1″ white border. Proof print pricing is as follows:

120 film & 12 exp 35mm : $3.00/set
220 film, 24 & 36 exp 35mm : $5.50/set

To add proof prints to your next order, simply print an order form and mark the box for PROOF PRINTS and specify the size and border info. Also, don’t forget to stock up on film using our 1for1 program while you are at it. Shipping of negs, film and prints can be combined and sent out one week after scanning. So print away people!