Mounted Slide Film Promo!


Now through the end of March 2018, send us a shoebox of already developed slide film and we’ll scan it at our regular size for $250! This is a great opportunity to bring your family memories to life! Surprise your grandparents, get a head start on Mother’s Day, send in old wedding day slides, the possibilities are endless!

Chloe Mehr | Portra 400 | Pentax 645

Below are some commonly asked questions about the promotion:

Q: I have slides AND negatives. Can I send in both? What about photos?
A: The promo applies to mounted slides, NOT negatives or printed photos and instant film. For pricing on scans for cut and uncut negatives, email!

Q: Can you scan single cut frames that are unmounted?
A: No, but we can run these on an Imacon scanner! Email us or drop us a line for Imacon scan pricing.

Q: What size shoebox are we talking?
A: Standard shoeboxes are 6x9x13. Boxes bigger or smaller than this may be subject to custom pricing.

Q: What if I only have a handful of slides? How much will it cost then?
A: If you have 50 or more slides, it’s $1 per slide. If you have less than 50 slides, it’s $2 per slide.

Q: What size will my scans be?
A: All slide film that falls under the promo will be scanned as regulars (8 inches on the short side).

Q: Will they be run on the Frontier or the Noritsu?
A: The lab will select which scanner to run them on based on the condition and shape of the slides or negatives.

Q: Does the promo only apply to 35mm film?
A: Nope! You can send in medium format or 35mm slides and negatives.

Q: Will my scans be edited?
A: All slide film scans will be color corrected, but they will have some character: depending on the condition of the slides, scans may have color shifts, dust, scratches, and/or small crop lines.

Q: What’s the turnaround time?
A: 10 business days!

Q: What about new E-6 film? Do you develop that?
A: Absolutely! While new film doesn’t fall under our current slide film promotion, you can have us develop E-6 anytime! You can read more about our E-6 service here.

Q: Do I need a different order form than usual?
A: Nope! Just write “shoebox promo” in the notes section of a C-41 or Black & White and E-6 order form, and we’ll get you taken care of!

Q: When does the promo end?
A: March 31, 2018! All slides need to be at the lab by this date to qualify for the promotion, so please take this into account when shipping your packages.

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follow us on instagram @thefindlab