film stock

All of us here at theFINDlab love shooting film and we are deeply committed to helping you shoot more film, more often. We know purchasing film can be expensive and even hard to find depending on your locale. We have worked hard with Kodak, Fuji and Ilford to ensure not only that film is available to you but that it’s available at the most economical price point. The great thing is that no subscription or membership fees are ever required!

There is no limit or cap on how many rolls you can purchase from us and we offer discounted prices when purchasing in bulk. All film orders will ship for $5 flat rate*! If you buy $140 or more, it ships for FREE*! If you opt to add your negatives and/or prints are being shipped with your film, there will be a small handling charge.

Our online store is just another extension of our mission to help you shoot more film, more often!

*continental US 



ilford fp4

ilford hp5





ilford delta 100

ilford delta 400

ilford delta 3200







ilford xp-2



kodak ektar 100

Kodak portra 160

Kodak portra 400

Kodak portra 800









Kodak tri-x 400



Kodak T-MAX P3200


Fuji 400h



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