Film knowledge is a living, breathing thing that needs constant nourishment and we’re here to share what we know with you.

Illume - Bringing Light to the Dark - $

Heather Nan

Illume is truly a unique workshop experience… it offers you the rare chance to practice working with the often misunderstood and misused medium of artificial light with me to help you every step of the way, offering feedback, support and guidance. We will be walking through all the events of a entire of a wedding reception. From the first dance to the grand exit, we will physically go through these discussing both bounce flash and off camera flash. I will walk through what I do, as well as giving you the opportunity to practice, troubleshoot these events in real time, with real set-ups in a real venue with real couples. It's totally real. Illume offers a solid foundation from which to work effectively with artificial light. With this knowledge base you will be able total those techniques and establish your own signature and style.

hybrid photographer, film beginner through advanced, artificial lighting

Mar 28, 2018 in salt lake city, ut Grab Your Seat Now

Jeremy Chou Photography Fine Art Film Wedding Workshop - $$

Jeremy chou

A two day intimate film workshp for working wedding photographers. Led by Jeremy Chou; the two day workshop will transform your business and elevate your portfolio.

hybrid photographer, wedding, business

April 9-10, 2018 in Monterey, CA Grab Your Seat Now

Film School - $$$ (includes lodging and meals)

Jonathan Canlas, Belinda Olsen (Lab Manager),
Noelle Reynolds (Assist. Lab Manager) and theFINDlab Team

Film School is geared for the intermediate film photographer that is ready to tackle those things that might make you sweat...difficult lighting situations, artificial light, high noon, color reflections. If it's hard, we have you covered. Our goal is for you to be ready to walk into any difficult situation and feel confident. Think of it as an American Ninja Warrior course but instead of waiting for you to fail, we will be there to get you over the hurdles. We want to ensure you not only finish the race but give you the tools you need so you can do it now on your own. Included in the workshop is an excursion to theFINDlab. You will meet all of our team and have a one-on-one scanning session with a technician to help refine your individual color profile and understand more about scanning. 

film advanced, lighting, multi instructor

April 16-18, 2018 in Orem, UT

to grab your seat email or call us at 801-691-0060

The Hybrid Collective - $

Erich & Amy McVey, Greg Finck, Katie Grant, Kirk Mastin, Darcy Benincosa, Luisa Brimble, Belinda Olsen, Jonathan Canlas, Jeremy Chou & Julie Paisley

A 3-day conference designed specifically for film & hybrid photographers. Come and tackle everything from business to personal work while honing in on your craft. We will have teachers who specialize in food, family and wedding photography. There is something for everyone! You’ll be able to add on Master Classes to allow you to spend some time with our instructors in a small group setting.

hybrid photographer, wedding, multi-instructor

May 1-3, 2018 in San Antonio, TX Grab Your Seat Now

Heartful - $

Brooke Schultz

A two day retreat focused on shooting families in-home, with a smorgasbord of tips, tricks, games, and poses along with a deep dive into your bigger ‘why’ as an artist and family photographer. It's the practical mixed with the magical because we cover every nitty gritty detail of how to shoot families including all the nightmare situations. We spend equal time with the concrete + the big picture, exploring with both guided shooting experiences and ample space to explore creatively. To learn all the tips, tricks, games, and poses, snag the online course. The in-person retreat available as an add-on for APPLYING everything you learn in the online workshop with real time feedback from Brooke, plus 3 killer portfolio-building shoots with families in home and a deep dive into your bigger why as a family photographer alongside like-minded artists. 

hybrid photographer, self motivated (because it's go at your own pace), family

May 9-12, 2018 in Salt lake city, ut Grab Your Seat Now

The Ordinary Workshop - $

Kelsey Schwenk

A two-day, hands-on experience where you’ll be introduced to film and leave best friends with your favorite stock. Learn the basics and ask all the questions in a low-pressure and high-communal atmosphere.

 film beginner, portfolio building, single instructor

July 13-15, 2018 in Charlotte, NC Grab Your Seat Now

1 Day workshop with Jonathan Canlas - $

Jonathan canlas

During this 1 day intensive workshop Jonathan will cover FILM 101-104, the power of personal work, how to add 5 figures to your bottom line NOW, and posing and how to create candid moments. There will be a real shoot where you will watch Jonathan pose and document a real couple/family. Each attendee will also walk away with a headshot taken by Jonathan as well. 

film beginner to advanced, portfolio building, business, posing

August 8, 2018 in Johannesburg, South africA Grab Your Seat Now

Alchemy of Motherhood: Long Days + Short Years - $$

Jackie Fox & Jennifer Lawrence

Are you having a difficult time balancing being a business owner and mother? This workshop is for you. Come and learn from Jackie & Jennifer the things they’ve found to help them find fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. Includes two fully styled shoots (wedding, family), most food/drink/accommodations/, and some extras to offer a retreat-like atmosphere.

hybrid photographer, film beginner, portfolio building, retreat

October 1-3, 2018 in East Burke, VT Grab Your Seat Now

One on One Mentorship - $

Kristin Garcia of Kristin La Voie Photography

Whether you are a brand new photographer shooting your first wedding, or you've been around the block for several years, we can all use a little help. Sometimes roadblocks come in the form of financial concerns, creative ruts, or lack of business organization. Managing all the aspects of owning your own business, or learning your photography craft, can certainly be overwhelming! I absolutely love to help others through their journey and inspire you with the confidence to flourish beyond your greatest dreams. Having made hundreds of mistakes myself, I have learned lessons, big and small, throughout my career. So let's help you avoid making those same mistakes, and get you where you want to be!

wedding, business, single instructor

online or in-person in Chicago or Austin grab your seat now

One on One Coaching - $

Rachel Solomon

One on One coaching via Skype or FaceTime tailored to focus on your personal business needs and can include branding, marketing, portfolio review, pricing, shooting film/hybrid, workflow, etc.

hybrid photographer, wedding, business

Email to schedule

FIND in a BOX - $$

Jonathan Canlas

The FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop in online format covering everything Jonathan knows about photography. You get 400+ pages over 8 PDF lessons covering Film 101-401, Film Stocks, Camera Gear, Storytelling Through Details, Posing and Family Formals, Personal Work and Finding Your Voice, plus Cheat Sheet exposure guides. You also get membership to a private Facebook group for Q&A, monthly assignments and critiques. Join a community of like minded photographers ranging from hobbyists to some of the top photographers in the world. Follow along while Jonathan shoots a wedding from beginning to end, then watch a family formal shoot happen in real time so you can see exactly how he shoots on the event day. You also have behind the scenes of two family shoots; walk you through every item in Jonathan's camera bag; show you how to load common cameras; cull and edit said family shoots, live; and show you metering levels 1 through 9000.

self motivated (because it's go at your own pace), film beginner, film advanced, posing

Ongoing, from the comfort of your home Grab Your Seat Now

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follow us on instagram @thefindlab