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Rachel Solomon  

We know that shooting 100% film, 100% of the time is not a feasible option for everyone. Both film and digital shooting have a place in photography and hybrid editing combines the best of both worlds. TheFINDlab is excited to be using TAP, Goodlight, and Mastin Labs, among others, for digital and hybrid editing. Our editing team has done extensive training on these profiles and presets to give you the best film emulation possible. We offer hybrid and digital editing on all the film stocks that Mastin and C1ick have to offer, including Mastin's pushed pack and C1ick's monochromatic set. All of C1ick profiles have multiple versions of exposure and pushed ratings along with the choice of the scanner. 

Wanting to Save Some of your Valuable Time?

w/ Film Processing

7 Business Days

5 Business Days

w/ Film Processing

**6 Business Days

*3 Business Days

Digital Only

150-999 images

1-149 images

turn around time

*If multiple orders are received in a single day, the due date will be based on the amount of images due.  For example if two orders total over 149 images, the due date will become a 5 day turnaround time. If two orders are received and one is under 149 and one is over, They will stay their respective due date.

**Orders with more 999+ images will have a turnaround time of 7 business days

See desktop version for details

30¢ each

JPEG Surcharge

7¢ each or 14¢ both on total number of color-corrected images

Crop & Straighten

8¢ per image viewed


33¢ per image

digital editing pricing

Rush fee pricing


Same Day


1 Day


2 Day

*4 Business Days

1-149 images culled from 150+


3 Day


4 Day

5 Day

6 Day



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David Duong 

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Which is film? Hover over each image to find out!