Our editing team uses Lightroom Classic Catalogs and smart preview files to edit digital orders. Smart Preview files are a lightweight file format that contains all the color information of your RAW files, but without the big file sizes.

This makes it easy to send us the files we need to complete your order without waiting hours for files to upload.

In the library panel select all photos you would like included with your order. We require that you send only the following types of images:

1. Images you would like edited with your order.
2. Sample or anchor images you would like referenced as we edit the order.

Please label all sample images as green before exporting the catalog.

With your images selected you may choose to add them to a collection to save the selection for your future use. To do this click the + icon at the top of the Collections panel and select "Create Collection". 

When the create Collection Dialog box opens name your collection and select only the "Include selected photos" checkbox.  

1. Choose Your Photos

This catalog contains sample images that are marked green.

2. Export Your Photos

With your images still selected go to File > Export as Catalog. Select only the following two checkboxes:

1. Export Selected Images only (If Available)
2. Build/Include Smart Previews 

Choose a place for the files to export to and then hit the “Export Catalog” button.

*If you chose to create a collection for your images you can also export a catalog by right clicking on your collection and selecting "Export this Collection set as a catalog" In the Export catalog dialog select only the "Build/Include Smart Previews" checkbox.

**If you are sending us your entire catalog and you import your photos with Smart Previews built you don't need to re-export the catalog. You may send us that catalog and the matching smart previews.

Go to the location on your computer that you selected as the location for your export and check for the following two files

1. A catalog  file with .lrcat file extension 
2. A smart previews with a .lrdata file extension.

We will be unable to edit your order without both of these files.

3. Verify Your Files

4. Zip Your Files

After you’ve verified both files are there, you will want to compress your files into a single .zip file. Do this by right clicking the parent folder that holds both files,  and selecting “Compress.” 

The created .zip file is what you will send to us. 

After you have your files exported and zipped Please visit our store here to place your order.

After your order is placed visit thefindlab.filemail.com.  There, you will fill out the order form upload your zipped files.

5. Submit your order

After our team has edited your order they will send you an edited catalog in return. When you import/open the edited catalog the edits will connect to the source RAW files on your computer. Be sure to not move or delete your RAW files while you wait. Your images will then be ready for any finishing touches and final export.

3. Keep an Eye On that inbox

Our Editors will provide sample edits before editing an order. (Unless the client includes extensive sample edits with the order). They will sample out the various lighting conditions throughout your order just to make sure they are heading in the right direction. You will receive your sample edits 1-2 business days before your order is due.

Our Editors will not move forward on your order until sample edits have been approved or adjustments have been received via email. Your due date could be affected if a response to samples comes too late. 

2. Watch for your sample IMages

You will be emailed an invoice with an overview of your order. We will double check that files were sent correctly and our editors will get started on your order. If there are any issues with your files, our editors will reach out to help you resubmit the correct files.

1. Watch for an InVoice

What to do while you wait?

congratulations! You have submitted your order!

● 1-149 images = 3 business day turnaround

● 1-149 images culled from 150+ = 4 business day turnaround

● 1-149 images + film processing = 5 business day turnaround
● 150+ images = 6 business day turnaround

● 150-999 + film processing = 7 business day turnaround 

● *If multiple orders are received in a single day, the due date will be based on the total amount of images due. For example if two orders total over 149 images, the due date will become a 6 day turnaround time. If two orders are received and one is under 149 and one is over, They will stay their respective due date.

**Orders with more 999+ images will have a turnaround time of 7 business days

We recommend filling out a new order form for each individual order. This ensures that each order will be invoiced as quickly and orderly as possible.


Because no one that chooses to be a photographer wants to spend more time behind a desk editing than they do behind a camera.

When you outsource your editing, you can put that saved time toward booking more clients, meeting with vendors, marketing, and most importantly, spending more time with family and friends. 

Why should I outsource my editing? 

No. Whether it is 1, 100, or 1,000 the pricing per image is the same and there is no charge for small orders. 

Is there a minimum amount of images I can send to have edited? 

Yes! Send us your film photos for reference and our editors will match them for you. 

Will TheFINDlab match my digital to my film images if they were processed by a different lab?

Yes, we offer 25 free images for you to test our services and to begin building your color/editing profile.

Do you offer test edits? 

The most common reason that this happens is when you are choosing the location and name of your new catalog and the check box that states, “Export Negative Files” is checked. This copies all of your RAW files and puts them in the same folder as your catalog and smart previews.

Why is my Lightroom file size very large?

No. You will not need to purchase these presets. You can tell us what film stock you’d like and we can select ah profile or preset matches your preferred style. 

Do I need to own TAP profiles or Mastin presets in order for theFINDlab to edit my order? 

Yes, we will still be able to edit your order! We just ask that you edit a few photos within your collection and mark them green in LR as anchor images for us to use. 

If I don’t have a film look, will theFINDlab still edit my order?

Yes, we will still be able to edit your order! We just ask that you apply the preset to your photos and edit a few photos within your collection and mark them green in LR as anchor images for us to use. 

If I have my own preset, can theFINDlab still edit my order?

Yes, just send us your photos the same way you would send a digital order for editing with the parameters of how’d you would like the session culled. 

Does TheFINDlab just offer culling services?

Yes! We are trained to edit film, digital, and hybrid orders. 

Does theFINDlab offer digital Only editing?