Noritsu vs. Frontier


Historically, theFINDlab has been strictly a Frontier SP3000 scanning lab. We now offer a new scanner, with a new look, called the Noritsu HS-1800. Below are some side-by-side comparisons:

frontier v noritsu website

The difference between the Noritsu and Frontier is subtle, but important. The Noritsu is best known for its ability to create scans that are light and airy. It produces images with unparalleled highlight retention and muted black point. It is the ideal match for clients who want peach or pink skin tones. The Frontier on the other hand, has a very rich black point. Scans from a Frontier have punchier color and are the perfect choice for clients who prefer golden skins tones. Because of the vivid colors, the Frontier is a lab favorite!

Images that each scanner produces have their strengths. It all comes down to personal preference and lab communication to find the fit that is right for you.