Color Services: Which One Is Right For You?


TheFINDlab offers three tiers of scanning services: Basic, Basic+ and Premium. Each service is designed to assist film shooters in specific ways in terms of workflow and creating deliverable images to your clients.

Julie Paisley | Fuji400 H | Contax 645

Jeremy Chou | Fuji400 H | Mamiya 645af

LeAnne Carpenter | Fuji400 H | Pentax645n

Basic Scans provide the benefit of shooting film at a more affordable rate. This option includes developing, scanning, minor color and density correction in scanner and labeling of folders for corresponding film stocks. Basic Scans are delivered with the expectation that some editing will be required on our client’s end to reach their desired aesthetic. On occasion, Basic Scans are sent out and little to no editing is needed. This is wholly dependent on the condition of the film shot (expiration date), proper exposure, and functionality of your gear. This is a great choice for film shooters wanting to take advantage of considerable savings on film processing and who are willing to put in some work on the back end.

Basic+ Scans were created to provide a middle ground between our Basic and Premium scanning services. Clients loved the feedback that came with Premium Scans, but wanted a more affordable option that didn’t include custom edits. Feedback on scans is one of the most beneficial forms of film education theFINDlab offers. Our scanners are photographers themselves and have been trained to provide purposeful feedback in terms of film choice, lighting, exposure and gear. They focus solely on the technical aspects of the images made. As our scanners offer this feedback, the hope is that the client becomes more knowledgeable, successful and confident in all shooting situations. The result of our scanners and clients working together is less post-production work for the client, an increase in their overall productivity and more importantly, on their bottom line. Basic+ Scans are easily the most popular service offered by theFINDlab.

Premium Scans are ideal for the photographer who is shooting a high volume of film on a regular basis and who doesn’t want or have the time to spend editing their own images. This service includes each aspect of Basic and Basic+ Scans in addition to custom color editing.  Premium Scans are the perfect fit for the film shooter who wants to create images and then sit back and have their lab do the rest.