On Time Every Time


With all this talk about turnaround time, theFINDlab will still be honoring our seasonal changes. As of today, April 1st, Basic and Basic+ orders will be sent out in five business days instead of four. Our premium turnaround time will stay the same at seven business days.

What?? Why’s this, do you ask? Well, there’s a couple reasons, the first of which is to maintain our commitment of delivering consistent and quality images to you, ON TIME. This means we’ve dedicated ourselves to getting orders out on time, every time, with no guesses of when to expect your scans. Oftentimes this means orders are even sent out early. It’s the perfect way to manage client expectations, on our side and on yours.

We were remembering back to last summer to the first instance when turnaround times was a hot topic…but for much different reasons. It was taking some labs up to four weeks to get images out to clients. We noticed this and put in the hours and set our standards accordingly. It’s no fun to receive orders late in any way, but it sure is great when they come a day or two early.

It’s important to our team here at theFINDlab to deliver the best possible quality in the most reasonable time. And stay tuned for some exciting news about an update on our 1for1 film purchasing program. Have a great weekend!!


Sara Johansen | Portra 400 | Minolta Maxxum 7000