How to Shoot Ilford HP5


Today we’re talking all about Ilford HP5! Watch the video below for information you need to know when shooting this film stock for the first time, as well as some tips and tricks for seasoned professionals!

Things to remember about Ilford HP5

  • Has a neutral amount of grain and contrast. You will see more grain in 35mm format than 120 format.
  • Has a box speed of 400. Most photographers shoot it at box speed unless they’re planning to push in development.
  • Can be pushed 1-3 stops with good results.
  • Keep HP5 on hand for low light scenarios. It can come in handy for wedding receptions and birth stories when you rate it with plans to push it in development.


Hunter Abel | Ilford HP5 +2 | Pentax K1000

Rod Snyder | Iflord HP5 | Nikon FM2