theFINDlab Basic+ Feedback


Here at theFINDlab, film education is the driving force behind all we do. As part of our mission to educate and empower photographers to shoot more film, more often, feedback services are included with all Basic+ and Premium orders. A common misconception is that feedback can only be beneficial to new shooters. But in all our years of offering feedback, we’ve found that isn’t the case.

As photographers, we always have something to learn, so feedback is available to shooters of all skill levels and can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Thinking about requesting specific feedback on issues you’re seeing in your work or about something you want to learn? We’ve got you covered! Jot down your questions in the notes section of your order form and we’ll take it from there!

Here are some common areas where feedback can be most helpful:

  • questions concerning your gear
  • pushing film
  • properties of specific film stocks (color base, contrast level, grain, etc.)
  • rating
  • metering
  • color reflections
  • bracketing
  • shifts in color or exposures
  • exposing for different lighting scenarios
  • shooting for your preferences
  • choosing the best film stock for your preferences
  • knowing which scanner is best for your preferences
  • technical issues–blank frames, inconsistent spacing, shutter issues, lens hazing, humidity damage, etc.


This list is by no means comprehensive, so if there’s a film topic you’re curious about that’s not on this list, don’t hesitate to ask…the possibilities are endless! Again, be sure to let us know in the notes section of your order form and we’ll be happy to cover those questions as part of your feedback service!