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At theFINDlab, we are proud to have witnessed and played a part in film’s comeback over the last decade. Recently, NBC & Kodak released a video about “Analog Photography in the Digital Age” showing the world what we’ve know for quite a while – that is Film Is Not Dead. It’s no secret to us […]

Christmas morning is full of wonder, joy, and most importantly, memories. For our film shooters looking to capture those unforgettable moments, we have a few tips to ensure your photos bring you cheer! LIGHT We have 3 solutions when there isn’t enough light.  The first might not be the most practical, but it’ll get the […]

  Looking for ideas for that film-shooting-loved-one in your life?  Check the list below to literally win human of the year award with them! 1. theFINDlab Slide Promo starting at $150 You know that shoebox under grandpa’s bed full of slides/negatives? Give the gift of memories by having your family slide film and color negatives […]

From consumer film, to color film, to black & white film, we loved developing and scanning your work! Check out the photos below to see some of our scanning team’s favorite images to come through the lab during the month of July:

We all know that film loves good light. So what happens when you’re stuck in a low light scenario? Can you shoot film then? The answer is yes! Below are a few tips for when you find yourself at a dimly lit wedding reception or in an indoor space with less light than you expected: […]

Can you believe it’s July already? Another month has come and gone, and we’re so excited to show you our favorite images from the month of June! Check out the images below, and follow the links in each caption to check out more work from these amazing film photographers!