Photo Native Recap



We were excited to be the official sponsors for the first ever Photo Native Conference, held in Lindon, UT. Our own lab manger, Belinda Olsen, presented on shooting film and digital and how to perfect the union of the two. We were also happy to be apart of two shoots. One by Kyle and Michelle White and another by Brooke Schultz.





Kyle and Michelle covered everything for photographers wanting to get into film photography in their Film 101 class. They had a plethora of information about camera formats, metering, and pushing film. Their shoot was Japanese inspired bride getting ready for her wedding day. Everything from the model to the details were an inspiration to wedding photographers.

photos by Kyle and Michelle White | Portra400 and Portra800 | Pentax 645n





Brooke’s class Love-Soaked Family Photography: Emotion, Fun, and Authenticity was captivating with lovely imagery. She also had a lot of tips and tricks to get families and especially kids to smile for the perfect candid image. Brooke’s shoot was held in a beautiful studio with lots of window light and the cutest family. Each attendee took turns posing and shooting the family.  The light and details created an environment where creativity flowed.

photos by Brooke Schultz | Portra400 | Mamiya645 AFD