The Benefits Of Outsourcing

Digital Editing

We Are Origami Photography | Fuji 400H Mastin Labs preset | Canon 5dMarkiii

Outsourcing can be a scary word. You’re putting your work, pride and joy, into someone else’s hands. But in reality, you can’t afford to NOT outsource. Let us explain… Think for a minute about how much time you spent editing your last session. How many hours did you spend in front of your computer? In all that time you spent editing, you could’ve been promoting your business, shooting more sessions, or quite frankly, enjoying time doing the things you love or being with the people you love!

We have an amazing team of highly-trained editors who work with the goal in mind to make outsourcing be a seamless process for you.  We had the privilege of having Kirk Mastin come to Utah and train our team one on one.  We are the only lab endorsed by Kirk Mastin himself.

Our specialty is working with hybrid shooters to make your digital images match to film.  If you’re a digital only shooter, have no fear!  Our team is really comfortable with film and knows how your session would appear as if it was captured on film.  Your editor will work with you to create your complimentary color profile. Before we begin, we want to make sure we’re on the same page to make your images reflect your personal style.  We encourage our clients to have an open dialogue with their editor, giving them feedback on each order so we can provide images you and your clients love.  One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing is we will make your portfolio become more consistent.

If you’re a newer photographer still trying to figure out your style, outsourcing is perfect for you. With every order we process, our editors (who are photographers themselves) give customized feedback that can help you improve and dial in your aesthetic.  If you aren’t interested in feedback, no worries! Just let our team know.

If you’re still unsure about outsourcing your work, just send 25 images to test it out, on the house! Simply write 25HYBRIDFREE on your order form and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!