FIND Faves: May

FIND Faves

Busy season is picking right up and we’re seeing some AMAZING work come through the lab! Our scanning and editing teams selected some of their favorite client images from the month of May to share below! We hope you’re just as inspired seeing these images as we were while processing them:

Inés Zrinski | Fuji 400H | Pentax 645n

Alexandria Smith | Fuji 400H | Pentax 645n

Monica Roberts Photography | Ilford Delta 400 | Pentax 645nii

Rachel Solomon Photography | Portra 160 | Contax 645

Lucy Munoz Photography | Fuji 400H | Contax 645

Heather Nan | Fuji 400H +1 | Pentax 645nii

Elizabeth Toms | Portra 400 | Olympus OM-1

Bala Pham | Fuji 400H | Pentax 645n