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Starting Today, March 23rd, and ending on June 1st, we are extending a photo challenge to you:   What do the walls of your own home have to say? What are the empty streets of your community telling you? Social distancing may be limiting, but there are stories to be told in whatever space you […]

  There are a lot of things about shooting film in winter weather that you have to watch out for. The extreme cold can totally kill your battery, the wet snow might make your camera start to act up due to moisture, going from extreme cold to warmer temps indoors will fog up the best […]

At theFINDlab, we are proud to have witnessed and played a part in film’s comeback over the last decade. Recently, NBC & Kodak released a video about “Analog Photography in the Digital Age” showing the world what we’ve know for quite a while – that is Film Is Not Dead. It’s no secret to us […]

Christmas morning is full of wonder, joy, and most importantly, memories. For our film shooters looking to capture those unforgettable moments, we have a few tips to ensure your photos bring you cheer! LIGHT We have 3 solutions when there isn’t enough light.  The first might not be the most practical, but it’ll get the […]

Have you ever wondered what our Nortisu or Frontier scanning machines look like? Watch the YouTube videos below for a behind-the-scenes look!