theFINDlab Auto Scans


Our Auto Scanning Service is our most affordable service, and has the quickest turnaround time (just two business days)! It is the perfect fit for two specific types of photographers: those who are just starting out with film photography and trying to get a feel for the medium, and photographers who are confident that they have nailed their exposures. Negatives are fed by the technician, and the machine does the rest. It’s important to know that Auto Scans do not include the application of color profiles or any custom color correction. Auto Scans are also only available on the Noritsu, and in high contrast scenes, your images will automatically be scanned for the highlights.

Below is an example of the same image scanned as a Basic on the Frontier, a Basic on the Nortisu, and an Auto scan on the Noritsu (Auto scans can only be run on the Nortisu scanner):

Here is another example of an auto scan next to an edit made by the client. Auto scans can be a great starting point for your own edits, especially if you are good at nailing your exposures in-camera:

If you’re wanting to try out auto scans for yourself, you can print off one of our order forms here and write “auto” in the process column. Current pricing is located at the bottom of the order form. As always, if you have any questions about any of our services, you can email us at, or call us at 801-691-0060, and our customer service department can help you out!