FIND Faves: March

FIND Faves

We’re beyond excited to share this month’s FIND Faves post with you! Every month we’re blown away by the amazing film images that come through the lab: 35mm, medium format, professional and consumer film stocks…there are so many ways our clients create magic, and we were especially impressed throughout March with the imagery we got to develop, scan, and edit. Scroll through to see our favorite film images from the month of March!

Casey Liu | Kodak Gold 200 | Canon Elan 7e

Stacie Yue | Portra 400 | Canon EOS-1V

Chelsie Moreland | Ilford XP2 | Pentax K1000

Jody Atkinson | Fuji 400H | Pentax 645

Kaisan Rei | Ektar 100 | Pentax 645n

Cameron Tribe | Portra 160 | Canon F-1

Andy Miner | Ektar 100 | Pentax K1000

Roman Benioni | Portra 160+1 | Mamiya M645