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    Pushing and pulling is something that is done in the development process! It is never something that happens in exposure or scanning and cannot be adjusted after the roll has already been developed. Pushing and pulling is done by changing the temperature of the developer, or by adjusting the time the film is […]

At theFINDlab, we are proud to have witnessed and played a part in film’s comeback over the last decade. Recently, NBC & Kodak released a video about “Analog Photography in the Digital Age” showing the world what we’ve know for quite a while – that is Film Is Not Dead. It’s no secret to us […]

Christmas morning is full of wonder, joy, and most importantly, memories. For our film shooters looking to capture those unforgettable moments, we have a few tips to ensure your photos bring you cheer! LIGHT We have 3 solutions when there isn’t enough light.  The first might not be the most practical, but it’ll get the […]

Our Auto Scanning Service is our most affordable service, and has the quickest turnaround time (just two business days)! It is the perfect fit for two specific types of photographers: those who are just starting out with film photography and trying to get a feel for the medium, and photographers who are confident that they […]